SEO Audit and SEO Score

Search Engine Optimisation Audit

The process of analyzing the good presentation of the web page relating to the practice and the very first step includes the creation of an implementation plan that will have specific results is called a Search Engine Optimisation Audit.

Not only Search Engine Optimisation Audit but all audits are supposed to be structural, comprehensive, and analytical. The Search Engine Optimisation Audit should contain components or modules which shall affect Search Engine Optimisation visibility and ranking in the search engine.

The purpose of Search Engine Optimisation Audit is to identify various issues which affect the organic searching performance of a webpage and thus it reveals issues like web page structure, on-page Search Engine Optimisation, content gaps, user experience, and many more issues.

These audits may vary and each should be properly analyzed based on technicalities of Digital Marketing & SEO  such as server errors and sitemaps and it basically should contain accessibility of the webpage, the optimization, and the content of the web page or the business.

The Importance of Search Engine Optimisation Audit

Search Engine Optimisation Audits happen to be the aspect of a web page when it is brought down to digital marketing. It is important to identify the strong areas of the webpage as well as the weakness of the pages and to determine the potential for long-term or major success. It is like the health status of the web page and with Search Engine Optimisation auditing unique opportunities can be explored for the improvement of the performance of the web page. This also strategizes to increase targeted traffic and increases conversions.

Search Engine Optimisation Auditing helps in building a content strategy. At times there may be some loose ends of the content which creates gaps and ranks the web page out. Also, many times the content of the website is outdated and it is necessary to provide and update relevant, appropriate, accurate, fresh content or data to the web page to attract customers. Also, the meta descriptions are first noticed by the users or the customers so keeping them up to date is also important. Thus, auditing can bring out these gaps or missing pieces to join the content and thus build up the content and bringing more traffic to the page.

A comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation Audit identifies technical issues. It identifies the amount of time required for the web page to load and also fast loading brings is more traffic due to a good user experience. At times web pages also have 301 or 404 and may such errors. Redirects should always be minimal and 404 errors must not be present and thus auditing the web page may pull out these strings and after fixing the issues it provides a good user experience.

At times search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing update their algorithms to provide better visibility of relevant searches to users, and the company or the business must be aware of them because the continuous updates at times can bring adjustments to the visibility of the web page and thus decrease the traffic and the ranking or the indexation of the web page. And hence Search Engine Optimisation Auditing helps to bring about improvement.

Auditing of the web page thus highlights important aspects and displays the weakness in the limelight for the company or business to improve. In a way, it provides necessary ground for betterment and development to increase the indexation in a search engine.

Increasing the score of Search Engine Optimisation Audit

The search Engine Optimisation score of a site or a web page is the aggregate score that it receives in the Search Engine Optimisation audit based on various technical aspects or features and relevant factors.

Every company or business wants to give their project or web page the highest-ranking to attract customers, users, buyers or to increase the organic traffic of the web page. For that to happen the indexation or ranking must be high and the web page is visible to the audience which in turn happens because of high Search Engine Optimisation scores. But increasing the Search Engine Optimisation audit scores is not as easy as it may seem.

Pages that have errors or have broken links disrupt the traffic and the user experience. To solve that you must rewrite the content or update the code or information and publish it using the old link and, in this way, visiting the link would not create a hassle and lead to the broken page but redirect to the freshly created page. If you are unable to recover the page then you can redirect it to the homepage or a similar page within your site.

All pages must have meta tags and it is quite necessary to keep on updating them from time to time since it is the first thing to attract traffic and thus increases user experience. Always keep a note to use a smaller size of images in the web page for it might increase the loading time. If not using a smaller size of images make sure to compress them to optimize the site performance.

After opening the web page, the first thing a visitor or a user notices is the above fold of the page and thus defer the render-blocking sources so that the site is not slow enough to redirect or load. The above strategies thus can help you to increase your Search Engine Optimisation score and the web page shall also receive better Search Engine Optimisation audit reports.


Search Engine Optimisation audit provides a bigger picture and a better view of the occurrence on your web page. These audits in particular connect the points which present the Search Engine Optimisation issues affecting your goals, aims, revenue, ranking on search engines, and customer relationship. The output acts as a roadmap and is easy to follow. Also, remember Search Engine Optimisation Auditing must be done from a reliable Search Engine Optimisation Audit service provider. Search Engine Optimisation Auditing must be done regularly and it is incredible for the web page of your businesses or company. mobile-friendly website

The Search Engine Optimisation Audit should be taken into consideration and it thus sets a clear path for businesses and web pages to further develop in the future. Lytechx Digital Pvt. Ltd, the best Web developer company in Jaipur, can help you increase your SEO score and to develop audit.

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Be Your Own Boss: Start A Business

How often have you wanted recognition and brand name of your own but stepped back because the very idea of business scares you? Let us break the stereotypes of ‘business’ – a word that immediately creates a picture of well-organized office space with suited gentlemen and women going through heaps of paper works and transactions.

Trust me, it is neither that overwhelming nor difficult. All you need to do is believe in your abilities and take the first step. Following are some simple yet audience-engaging home-based business ideas that come with a very low start-up cost. And you need a website to start a business online.


A tribute to all the awesome home cooks out there. Food- an element in people’s life that never goes out of necessity can be turned into a full-fledged business.

Staple meals:

 You will often come across a variety of workers who have migrated from their homes for their jobs. As a result, they either learn to gather food for themselves or resort to asking some native to provide them with absolute “baarirkhabar” or “Gharkakhana” style simple yet fulfilling dishes. Prepare full meals and offer services for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Know your market well, making sure you have good profit without exaggerating prices that might steal the whole essence of having homemade food. While staples might be a die-hard necessity. The demand for lip-smacking traditional Pickles and the craving for the crisps of Papads are mandatory in celebrations big and small. It is one of the best ways to start your business and be your own boss.

Homemade chocolates:

 From midnight cravings to Valentine gifting to all other happy and sad occasions, chocolates have always been the key. This business has seen immense growth in the past few years and the urge for homemade chocolates has risen by 13% from 2019 to 2020. Investments for starting fall in the range of 20,000 INR to 60,000 INR for raw materials such as ingredients, molds, and packaging.


With freelancing grasping the globe, jobs like writing blogging, and vlogging have come up to be the highest-paid and most successful ones of all time. If you believe that you have the talent of expressing your feelings in words or in-front of a camera such that other people relate to you, get convinced and inspired by you, these will be a complete turnover of your life. While international platforms can hire you, it is a great side start that you can convert into full-time work and be your own boss with ads and sponsorships. The investment for writing and blogging will only be for a computer and good quality internet that can easily be as low as 30,000 INR to 40,000 INR. For blogging one should invest in high-quality cameras, Av equipment, and editing software. Freelancing as a web developer is also a smart choice.


 1. Jewelry:

 While every piece of jewelry tells a different story, know the genre that you would want to represent. Modern times have buried the concept of heavy metals and precious stones but instead, look for minimalistic and lightweight statement pieces. Building your business in this field is extremely versatile to work with materials like thread, beads, and papers are sought after. 2021 has seen a rise in demand for resin jewelry that embeds delicate herbs and clay jewelry that come in vivid geometric and organic patterns.


  2. Candles:

 Scented candles have become candies for the modern generation. While easy to make, they are in demand for a variety of reasons including a relaxing time with self, therapeutic cures, or adding a tad bit of romance in the air. These businesses have investments ranging from 10,000inr to 1lakh INR depending upon the quality of raw materials used.



Every sector of the industry needs a graphic designer. The very idea of business houses with it a unique logo that will captivate people. Brochures, magazines, advertisements, and websites – all require one creative mind that can represent one’s vision to communicate with the audience. If technology and innovation are in your blood, this is the most profitable business you are ever going to run. Start-up costs will be around 1lakh INR for a computer capable of handling graphics and the internet.



Although innumerable clothing brands across the globe have been in the field for decades, do not be afraid to start your own. The trick here is to add a hint of uniqueness.


5. Ethnic clothing:

Stay humble to your grounds and look for traditional clothing materials like Khadi, Bamboo, Chikankari, and Banarasi. Give these fabrics a modern twist and voila, you are set! You can choose to target the ethnic industry, producing either daily wear or gorgeous outfits for grand occasions.


6. Tie-dye:

Tie-dye clothing has kept the world at its feet as the trend took off since 2019. Knowing the basic techniques and patterns can produce heaps of creative designs having bold or muted colors. You will never fall short of customers from all age groups willing to get a hand on these exclusive pieces.


7. Thrifting:

The idea of recycling clothes has gained very much significance, spearheading the fashion industry. Start a thrift store reselling clothes in good condition thus fulfilling customer demands and doing good in giving the clothes a second chance to be loved.


8. Masks:

The COVID-19 situation has turned the masks industry upside down. Grab your sewing kit, get hold of exquisite fabrics -ranging from lace to cotton to funky prints and make a personalized mask. This is one kind of business that probably has the highest demand in every household from every corner of the society and can be started with a capital as low as 50,000 to 1 lakh INR.


Lytech Digital Pvt. Ltd.

 After creating a startup, you need a website to communicate with the outer world. The international stage of the internet will definitely help you to grow your business better and bigger. But, for that, you need a website for your company. Get in touch with Lytechx Digital Pvt. Ltd, the best Web developer company in Jaipur, to get a website at the lowest costs and get be your own boss.


Your determination has the capability of turning your passions into lucrative opportunities to earn and be recognized! Invest in quality rather than quantity. It may seem a lot in the beginning but will be very profitable in the long run. Starting with less capital does not mean an unsuccessful business. Remember that the most important investment is that of time. A plethora of chances await your call. Gear up and step in…BE YOUR OWN BOSS!

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LinkedIn, a popular name at intervals the globe of internet and apps is home to varied profiles of people, applying for jobs. Rather like throughout this competitive world effort correct education may well be an ought to, same goes simply just in case of submitting job profiles in varied websites to induce offers of jobs that are applicable for you. Thus it is important to remain to apply for jobs on varied websites. LinkedIn is such a company where you will be able to do identical.

But, in line with recent studies and statistics, the demand for submitting the duty profiles area unit decreasing day by day. This will be happening due to a sort of reasons, in line with consultants. Thus to extend the number, the first one must acknowledge plenty of concerning the company so how by which the numbers rose.

Let us look at some simple steps on how to find and approach clients through LinkedIn.


Strictly speaking, brief description, LinkedIn began in co-founder philosopher Hoffman’s lounge in 2002 and was formally launched on would possibly 5, 2003. Today, the corporate leads a wide-ranging business with revenues from membership subscriptions, advertising sales, and action solutions below the leadership of Ryan Roslansky. In Gregorian calendar month 2016, Microsoft completed its acquisition of LinkedIn, transportation on the world’s leading masterly cloud and thus the world’s leading masterly network.


This is one of the most important points to keep in mind when searching for WAYS TO ATTRACT CLIENTS IN LINKEDIN. Before you begin any activities which can place you, prior key decision-makers, you would like to first make certain that you simply have gotten a profile that is masterly, search-optimized, and most vital of all, is client-focused. Also, lead generation on LinkedIn wants you to possess a clear grasp of your target market, therefore begin by thinking of common titles your market would use to clarify them. This could be a crucial area of finding prospects to connect with on-line.

These titles relate to their vocation. As an example: chief officer, Accountant, VP Sales, hour Specialist, etc. Once you have got some of the titles that you just simply want to specifically target for whole fresh prospects, you will be able to merely understand them used to separate methods: LinkedIn Advanced Search and LinkedIn groups.


It’s laborious to trust someone who’s all speaking. If you brag concerning your skills on LinkedIn however do not offer proof to back them up, the general public will not feel assured concerning operating with you. At constant time, it isn’t good to reduce your accomplishments — a part of landing purchasers is knowing however and once to promote yourself.  Do you ask the most effective approach? Specialize in increase a portfolio of past comes and original content that leaves little doubt concerning your talent. Now get your answer on how to find and approach clients through LinkedIn?

Additionally, a lot of skilled relationships you have got, a lot of possible it’s that a number of those folks can eventually become purchasers. However, relationship-building takes time and sustained effort. As you act building your LinkedIn network, rank being friendly, learning concerning folks, and creating real connections. If you jump the gun and pitch leads before you have designed up some trust with them, they may be turned off. Therefore hold back forever.


Do not simply count back on LinkedIn’s default text after you request to attach with somebody new. Take many minutes to write down a brief, personalized message. If you have met the person before, or if you recognize somebody in common, that is an honest detail to incorporate. If you do not grasp the person, writing an honest message may be a very little harder, however, you’ll tell them that you simply fancy their journal or admire some side of their work. Craft your message to the recipient will increase the percentages that they will settle for your request — and it makes them a lot of possible to need to move with you later.

When you create a brand new association on LinkedIn, follow up to give thanks to the person for accepting your request. Try this at intervals twenty-four hours, if potential. You’ll additionally take the chance to open a language by asking a matter of commenting on the opposite person’s work or achievements.


If somebody has viewed your profile or your writing on LinkedIn Pulse; they are curious about your skills, thus take the chance to attach. Simply remember that if you have got a free account, you’ll solely see the last 5 people that viewed your profile. Checking overtime can assist you to avoid missing folks. Alternately, you’ll get obviate this restriction by upgrading to a premium account. Once you have created connections, do not allow them to get cold. Attempt to connect along with your prospects every few weeks close to. Make sure your comments and messages contain worth of some kind — in different words, do not contact folks only for the sake of contacting them. For example, rather than departure the comment “Nice article” or “I agree” on a lead’s article, raise a matter or gift associate degree alternate viewpoint. This will definitely help you in getting the solution to how to find and approach clients through LinkedIn.

To land new purchasers on LinkedIn, you will have to win their trust initially. One in all the simplest ways to try is to approach your interactions with a real spirit of helpfulness. Hunt for ways that you’ll offer individuals a lift while not expecting something reciprocally. Place commerce your services on the rear burner, and specialize in building relationships initially.


Thus, over are given the various ways and tricks to attract plenty of shoppers. Every company has its equal share of dangerous days, but the urge to survive and grow encourages one to look out for ways in which to survive and solve the problems. Following the upper mentioned points of how to find and approach clients through LinkedIn, you can slowly but attract plenty of shoppers and convey good and flush days. What matters plenty is that the eye given by that concentrates on the audience for your content. So, never surrender, notwithstanding the circumstances or issues.

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Doctor Appointment App Like Practo And ZocDoc

According to the Accenture study, it takes on average eight minutes for a patient to schedule a doctor’s appointment through a telephone. What if we tend to might try this as quickly as ordering Uber or pizza and not need to pay another eight minutes if we want to reschedule? As luck would have it, as health care is adopting a lot of consumer-centric paradigms, we tend to get a lot of choices to schedule our medical visits digitally, mistreatment doctor appointment booking apps.

How to build a Doctor appointment app like Practo and ZocDoc? Why use an app to book a doctor’s appointment if a straightforward telephone will get you into a doctor’s room? Well, it’s as a result of after your decision, a moment affiliation (if you don’t need to suspend on the line) to a front table doesn’t mean the programing half is essentially as fast. Phone calls are also the foremost annoying client service channel.

But before jumping on straight to how to build a doctor appointment app like Practo and ZocDoc, first, allow us to apprehend what Practo and Zocdoc are.


Practo Search could be a patient-targeted, unbiased, freelance medical website with over a hundred doctor profiles from across Asia and Singapore. Patients will book confirmed appointments with doctors listed on Practo’s website. This can be a free service for each patient and therefore the doctor. This app tends to have reserved over twenty-eight thousand appointments from June 2014.


Zocdoc could be an American -based on-line medical appointment booking service that enables folks to seek out and book treatment. Zocdoc provides a programing system on a paid subscription basis for medical personnel. The programing system will be accessed by subscribers each as an internet service and via the deployed workplace calendar software package, or integrated with their websites. The subscriber’s schedules are on the market to the patients, who can easily search the company’s info by specialties, vary of services, workplace, locations, pictures, academic, background, and user-submitted reviews. For every doctor, the users are unit ready to review the free slots within the schedule and build appointments for specific time slots.

Let’s review how to build a doctor appointment app Like Practo and ZocDoc.

Why Patients Love Doctor Appointment Booking Systems?

As smartphones facilitate our routine tasks like food ordering and taxi-hailing into partaking tap-tap-tap experiences, we’ve come back to expect that from each service and health care provider. Patients are turning into customers who do not need to pay time on rescheduling their doctor appointments.

They need to quickly notice specialists who will facilitate them, browse informed user reviews, and directly started an arrangement. That already looks enough to encourage a healthcare giver to make an app for booking doctor appointments. However, patients’ advantages don’t stop there. Besides convenience, patients get are as follows:

  • Around-the-clock access to programing choices
  • An extensive directory of obtainable professionals
  • Automatic reminders and integration with their digital calendars
  • Ability to submit any existing health-related docs before a consultation
  • Secure payments via the app

Why Health Care Suppliers Love Doctor-Patient Appointment Systems?

Doctors have more convenience on the line involving an on-line doctor appointment app development. Once businesses build apps for doctor appointments, they are expected to lower operational prices and increase the number of visits. Here are some advantages that doctor consulting apps providers:

  • Optimize the utilization of front-desk resources
  • Reduce no-shows
  • Improve health knowledge capturing and reportage
  • Streamline asking processes
  • Increase potency and revenue

Doctor Appointment App options

To develop a doctor appointment booking app, you need to fastidiously decide every single feature. Let’s skip through the options that bring the foremost price in an appointment app.


Patients ought to be ready to book a doctor’s appointment. It’s the core of the merchandise. With a few clicks, they must have an associate choice to find a free spot on a doctor’s calendar and book a gathering at a clinic or hospital.


Let’s not forget that a doctor ought to come back to the meeting ready and therefore the approach they are doing this can be by reviewing patient health and demographics knowledge that users fill in their profiles.


Naturally, before an appointment, a patient ought to be ready to opt for a health care doctor from all of the present candidates. Having reviews from previous customers would positively facilitate your chances, thus think about as well as these.


Besides reviewing doctor profiles, patients ought to be ready to seek professionals mistreatment their own words and apply filters, e.g., to seek out feminine doctors solely.


Patients ought to have the choice to get hold of consultation during the app. Permitting your patients to pay before the particular consultation will considerably improve your show-up rates.


Another way to scale back no-shows is that the smashing notification feature. Users ought to get reminders so that they don’t miss a meeting with the doctor or have enough time to change his or her schedule.


A chat will be used for client support or a preliminary (often remote) consultation. That may be necessary once doctors ought to determine a lot concerning patients’ illness history to provide the best health care facilities throughout the meeting.


Just like a pre-consultation chat, document uploading permits patients to submit their health history if the doctors need it as MRI or CT scans. This medical facility can help them get the best out of the meeting.


Doctors ought to be ready to inflict medicines throughout the consultation and patients ought to be ready to review the prescription and find directions to wherever they will get the drugs.


A doctor appointment booking app is just about useless while not an internet dashboard wherever a health care organization will manage appointments, patients, regulate and track reminders. Such on-line applications ought to additionally embody numerous reports that facilitate determine overall programming potency.

The above-mentioned steps would definitely help you to gain knowledge on how to build a doctor appointment app like Practo and ZocDoc. Thus, to create such a doctor appointment app, you can always seek help from Lytechx Digital Pvt. Ltd, the best Web developer company in Jaipur. We provide the best service at the lowest costs.

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LinkedIn, a well-liked name within the world of web and apps is home to various profiles of individuals, applying for jobs. Rather like during this competitive world effort correct education could be a should, same goes just in case of submitting job profiles in varied websites to induce offers of jobs that are appropriate for you. So it’s vital to stay applying for jobs on various websites. LinkedIn is such a corporation wherever you’ll be able to do identical.

But, in line with recent studies and statistics, the demand of submitting the duty profiles square measure decreasing day by day. This can be happening thanks to a variety of reasons, in line with consultants. So as to extend the quantity, 1st one has to recognize a lot regarding the corporate and so the ways by which the numbers are raised. There are three ways to attract clients on Linkedin but first, let us get an idea of what LinkedIn is.


Strictly speaking, in a brief description, LinkedIn began in co-founder Reid Hoffman’s lounge in 2002 and was formally launched on might five, 2003. Today, the company leads a diversified business with revenues from membership subscriptions, advertising sales, and achievement solutions below the leadership of Ryan Roslansky. In Gregorian calendar month 2016, Microsoft completed its acquisition of LinkedIn, transferral along with the world’s leading skilled cloud and therefore the world’s leading skilled network. The vision of this company is to form economic chance for each member of the world hands whereas the mission of LinkedIn is to attach the world’s professionals to form them a lot of productive and fortunate.

So let us view three steps to attract clients to LinkedIn.

KNOWLEDGEABLE PROFILE & IDENTIFICATION OF PROSPECTS- Before you start any activities which will place you ahead of key call manufacturers, you need to 1st make sure that you have got a profile that’s skilled, search-optimized, and most significant of all, is client-focused. Also, lead generation on LinkedIn needs you to possess a transparent grasp of your target market, thus begin by thinking of common titles your market would use to explain them. This may be an important part of finding prospects to attach with on-line. These titles relate to their vocation.

For example chief executive officer, Accountant, VP Sales, hour Specialist, etc. Once you have got a couple of titles that you simply wish to specifically target for brand spanking new prospects, you’ll be able to simply realize them victimized to separate methods: LinkedIn Advanced Search and LinkedIn teams.

FINDING YOUR CORRECT AUDIENCE & POSTING REGULAR CONTENT– One and all is victimization LinkedIn with a distinct objective. A number of you square measure you’re victimization it to come up with leads for your business whereas others are victimization to create their personal brands. Each of those ‘some’ is targeting specific individuals that mean all of them has a distinct audience. The audience could be a specific cluster of individuals whom you target with the intent to deliver your service/product/requirement effectively.

For job/internship seekers, hour individuals are available in their audience, for a startup trying to find funds, its audience is angel investors and venture capitalists, for a health care skilled UN agency is building his personal whole, individuals in health care trade type his audience. Your audience helps you to unfold word of mouth. That is why an audience is shall alongside posting regular content. Before moving forward, check that that is your target audience!

PARTICIPATING WITH THEM ON SHARED LINKEDIN teams & MOVING RELATIONSHIPS OFFLINE-Take a peek at the teams your prospects have joined. If you aren’t already a member of teams that your prospects are a part of, begin the change of integrity the foremost relevant ones that match the audience you’re trying to find. You’ll be able to meet up to fifty teams. Not everyone seems to be active on LinkedIn teams however once you realize an opening that’s, it provides a wonderful chance to induce on their measuring instrument during a method that’s demonstrating your experience and believability.

Now, coming back to the second recommendation this can be the foremost vital step wherever the general public let down. While not this final step, there’s an entire heap of social with none marketing. Once you’ve designed enough rapport associated established your believability you have got to form the transition to offline oral communication. Bring it to mind is offline that you simply convert an opening to a consumer. Don’t try and sell or pitch something while not having an oral communication and about to recognize what the issues square measure your prospect is coping with. Solely then are you able to supply an answer?

And another way of attracting more clients to LinkedIn is

SENDING MANY THANKS & RELATION BUILDING MESSAGES– Once you receive a notification that somebody has accepted your affiliation request on LinkedIn, reach out with a personalized “thank you” message. Don’t pitch your services or self-promote in any method apart from adding the address to your website in your signature. If potential, realize some commonality in their profile which will be wont to have interaction during oral communication.

Rather like a party, the sole factor you ought to agonize regarding is to recognize that person and departure a positive impression on them. Also, set a reminder to succeed in bent your new affiliation during a week with what individuals prefer to decide a “Relationship Building” message. The only purpose of this message is to produce one thing of import to it person with no ulterior motive. Giving while not the expectation of receiving could be a vital part of building authentic relationships with individuals.


Thus, higher than square measure given the varied ways that and tricks to draw in a lot of shoppers. Each company has its equal share of dangerous days, however, the urge to survive and grow encourages one to search out ways to survive and solve the issues. Following the higher than mentioned points will slowly however certainly attract a lot of shoppers and convey smart and flush days. What matters a lot is that the attention given by that concentrates on the audience for your content. So, never ever give up, no matter the circumstances or problems. Following these three ways to attract clients on Linkedin can definitely help you in your business with the best web developer company in Jaipur.



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Top Cross-Platform Android Frameworks

Want to create the best apps for mobiles? Then it using the best technology i.e. cross-platform app development. A cross-platform framework is used to create mobile-friendly applications that work smoothly on more than one operating system like Android and iOS. The apps developed with the help of a cross-platform framework have an edge over the others.

If you own a business, then this is just for you as a cross-platform helps a business to widen its public, target its audience better, reduce development cost, etc. You can easily make your app work effortlessly on any platform namely android, iOS, and windows just by typing out some codes only once. To type out these codes, you need to have a sound knowledge of coding languages like java, c++, and c which is very easy. Now, let us search for the Top 10 cross-platform android frameworks for app development.


Xamarin is a cross-app development framework created in the year 2011. It became more famous among developers and enterprises after Microsoft acquired it in the year 2016. Simply saying it is an open-source framework that helps in solving issues related to disjointed native technology stacks and reduces your Mobile Application Development cost and difficulty level. Xamarin’s community consists of over 60,000 contributors and is chosen by more than 3,700 companies. Moreover, you can send more than 75% of your codes across multiple platforms to work with ease.

React Native

React Native stands second on our list of top 10 cross-platform android frameworks for app development because of its highly responsive interface. It was created by Facebook in 2015 with the slogan informing that you can write it anywhere if you learn it once. This cross-platform Android framework became very popular within a few years of its release and also was trending on the top 5 for quite some time. 80% of its codebase can be shared across multiple platforms. Moreover, it also allows accessing some great native functions like operating a camera and accelerometer.


Flutter is one of the best open-source cross-platform Android development frameworks used to develop apps best suitable for mobile phones. This free platform is maintained by Google. Flutter also stands as one of the Best mobile application developers in the world. The best feature of this is that you can check where your coding went wrong within seconds. Besides spending your time and money in creating two separate apps for android and iOS, you can just Flutter, an object-oriented programming language, to create an app that runs on both with recognizable MVP development.

Adobe PhoneGap

Previously known as Apache Cordova, PhoneGap is one of the most amazing open web tech used to create an app, sourced by Adobe. The programming languages it used are HTML5, CSS, and javascript and provide a wonderful cloud solution if you wish to create your app directly. You can also share your application created with Adobe PhoneGap with your friends to receive feedback. You can also connect to and access third-party tools and use several plugins while typing out codes. Wikipedia, TripCase, and FanReact are some of the famous apps created by PhoneGap.


If you love speed, you will definitely like Iconic. This app stands as one of the top 10 cross-platform android frameworks for app development. About 26,000 apps are created using this platform. It inherits a few features of android and iOS and allows you to design hybrid apps that run smoothly on both of them. The best feature of this is that it allows you to ship continuously and update your apps. It is used by over 5 million people across 200 counties. IBM, ING, SAP, and NASA were created using Iconic.

Onseen UI

Onseen UI, created in the year 2013, is another coss platform framework used to make mobile app developments. It basically enables us to create a user interface with the help of HTML 5, CSS, and Javascript. It is open source in nature. Earlier, it was based on an Angular JSand supported jQuery but, after an update, it became a JavaScript framework-agnostic which means that developers can not freely create mobile applications using or not using a JavaScript framework. One of the other impressive features of Onseen UI is that it provides comprehensive tools and services while creating an app.


Created in the year 2004, Mono is a free and open-source framework and also stands among the top 10 cross-platform android frameworks for app development. Mono is a very popular framework and is used by millions of people across the globe. It is also a perfect place for a high-level programmer. You can conveniently design apps with a high-level programming language. A Mono runtime is also very helpful in scripting your application by putting it inside other applications.


Uno is just like the above-mentioned apps. It is a free and open-source framework for mobile app development. It is very easy to use and install. It is used to create apps for the past 6 years by millions of developers. The apps made with this platform run on Windows, Android, iOS, and WebAssembly without any errors. Uno is just the platform for you if you want to build the latest and user-friendly apps for mobile phones.


Meteor.js could be a development framework that has a particular feature of time period development. time period net is that the bunk for the big on-line firms in today’s times. Real-time net is that the hokum for the big on-line firms in today’s times. The info within the templates mechanically gets updated, as before long as changes to the info are created. With Meteor.js, the event method is extremely simplified with frontend, backend, and info all rolled into one language – JavaScript. Another good thing about this feature is that it works equally well for the client-side likewise because the server-side.

.NET Core

The .Net framework has been re-invented, and what was once restricted to Windows is currently formally transportable and runnable on near to any platform you wish. in line with the most recent StackOverflow survey, .Net Core is one of the foremost used frameworks, being the second server-side development framework once Node.js. And if you question me, the backend JavaScript hoopla can presently notice its limitation, ceasing the place to additional mature technologies, or niche new ones.

If you want to build an app, build it with the best. the above-mentioned frameworks are the top 10 cross-platform android frameworks for app development which will help you create and develop great apps. You can always look up to the Best web developers in Jaipur for more info.









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Charging For a Website

It has been a decade since 2000 and technology has completely mixed to our personal as well as work life. We seek the help of technology even to wake up in the morning and to get a sound sleep. Like all the other stuff technology has transformed everything around us no matter how important or unimportant, big or tiny, serious or not so serious thing it is. Trade and commerce was no other exception. Every service and every knowledge available in the world can now be easily accessible via those small and smart devices in your pockets. You can get in touch with companies starting from a startup to an MNC, a small shop to a huge business in just a few clicks in the huge ocean of the internet. But why will people choose your website among the hundreds and thousands of other similar websites? Here is where the competition starts.

But, there is a way to make your website look different and better than the others. This will help you attract more people and widen your audience. For this, you need some help. As we know, a website needs a beautiful outlook, creative and unique content, SEO management, and digital marketing or publicity. For these, you need a team of good content writers, graphic designers, SEO managers, people for digital marketing, and a website developer to merge all these and create a website. In 2021, thanks to the huge digitalized network, the people specialized in these entire have a huge scope, both as a freelancer and as a full-timer. So, let us view how to charge for a website in 2021.

Graphic Designer

Starting your career as a freelance Graphic designer can be just the right choice in 2021 if you love to design and create layouts. If you are unaware of what a graphic designer does, let me inform you that a graphic designer is a person who creates a piece of art or design that is used for publishing, printing, or displaying in social media for advertising a particular brand, service or product. The work of a graphic designer is very important to create and design attractive and beautiful templates and advertisement banners for a company. One can always start his career as a graphic design freelancer and earn about 6 to 7 thousand a month and after an experience of a couple of years, one can get an offer of an amount varying between 98,000 and 52,000. Learning new designs and other forms of art accompanies the job of a graphic designer. There is a huge scope of growth and development in this profession.

Content Writer

The name says it all. A content writer is a person who writes content for a company. Any company needs blogs and articles to communicate with its audience, to inform its audience about its services, products, terms and conditions, and policies. Thus, for the common to understand it easily, the write-up needs to be simple and informative but crisp and attractive. Moreover, the person needs to be filled with ideas about styles of writing and forms of writing. He must be able to perform quick and accurate research about the topic given and one of the most important qualities, he must be a quick type. If you feel that you have such qualities then congratulations, you are eligible to be a content writer. But, before working for a company, you need to work as a freelance. The prices for a freelance content writer depend mostly on its number of words which varies from 0.25 per work to 0.50. Once the person has gathered experience, the price increases to 1 rupee per word and even above. This is the charge for a website in 2021.

SEO Manager

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. An SEO manager is not a person who writes SEO articles but a person who manages those articles and puts them in such a way that the page appears at the top with every Google search. Confused? Let me help you out. SEO articles are some articles that contain some special keywords which help the page to appear at the top with every search. The work of an SEO manager is to arrange those articles and post them on the company’s website so that the page appears at the top with every search. This helps the company to gather more and more advertisements. Not only arranging the articles, but SEO managers also plan and implement the company’s overall SEO strategy. Web marketing, web analysis, content strategy planning, link building, and keyword strategy are a part of an SEO manager’s job description. But how to charge for the website in 2021? How much will you earn? They earn about 6 to 7 thousand in their early days of SEO managing freelancing and later after having an experience of over 10 years, their earnings increase to 5,50,000 rupees per year.

Digital Marketing Manager

The product which is known by all sells better in the market. Thus, having a positive image of a product in the market is very important. You need to advertise your product or service in such a way that attracts customers. In this digital era, the best way of advertisement is through digital media and social media marketing. Everyone has a smart device with an internet connection so, you receive a huge audience when posting something on social media. But, keeping a track of all the posts, posting those advertisements timely on the social media platform can be very hectic for you. That is why every company needs a digital marketing manager or executive. This is a good opportunity for you if you are thinking to start a freelance Digital marketing service. You can easily earn about 5 to 6 thousand a month and with good experience, your salary can shoot up to 6,00,000 rupees per year.

Web Developer

Now comes the most important work. You need to have a website of your company to perform all these tasks. The work of a web developer in the best WordPress development company in Jaipur is to create a website for the company displaying its products, services, and all necessary information. Only after creating a website, you can start creating content and design the templates, etc. To create a good website, you need to know HTML, CSS, Java, Python, and other programming languages. The website created must be easily accessible and simple to use. It must contain all necessary information and negligible technical faults. If you feel that you have such skills and can perform such duties, then congratulations, this job is for you. But, before starting to work for a company as a full-time employee, you need to work as a freelance web developer and gather knowledge and experience. It is easy to earn about 7 to 8 thousand per month as a freelancer and after having a good experience of work, you can get about 4 to 5 lakhs per annum.

This internet gave us huge opportunities to grow and explore new fields. Every business needs a website and the website needs people to perform all the above-mentioned jobs. You can start your career even from your college days as a freelance. By this, you will get to learn to take up responsibilities and grow and develop your skills better than the crowd. Hope this answers all your questions regarding how to charge for a website in 2021.

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Start Freelancing as a Web Developer in 2021

Want to freelance as a Web Developer or as a WordPress developer plugin? We are bringing you a guide to freelance as a Web Developer.  Freelancing is a term used for jobs where the person known as a freelancer is self-employed. In this sector, one is not committed to a particular company rather it is based on a contract or based on work per day or any duration as provided by the client. Let us know how to start freelancing as a web developer in 2021.

As fancy as the word freelancing sounds, the field is not very easy going not only for beginners but also for experts. In this particular field, a lot of risks are to be taken, challenges are to be faced, and most importantly finding clients at times can be difficult and tiresome. You may also feel like giving up. Hence, patience becomes the key to success while you look for clients and sources of income. Nowadays, every sector or field is dicey you never know what shall happen to you the next day. So, the first piece of advice while you freelance is having a backup option to help you with your expenditure. You need to master the art of convincing a client to take you as their freelancer. It is a basic necessity to have proper communication skills to approach clients. First, let us know what web development is before jumping on to the guide of how to start freelancing as a web developer in 2021.

Coming to the main topic of this particular discussion, freelancing as a web developer.

Web Development

Web development is the way toward building sites and applications for the web, or a private organization known as an intranet. Web development is not worried about the plan of a site; rather, it’s about the coding and programming that controls the site’s usefulness. Web design and development in Jaipur makes and looks after sites. They are likewise liable for the webpage’s specialized perspectives, for example, its exhibition and limit, which are proportions of a site’s speed and how much traffic the website can deal with. Moreover, web designers may make content for the webpage.

Freelance As a Web Developer

A web developer may be a programmer who focuses on or is specifically engaged in, the event of World Wide Web applications employing a client-server model. The applications typically use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript within the client, PHP, ASP.NET (C#), Python, Go, or Java within the server, and HTTP for communications between client and server. An internet content management system is usually wanting to develop and maintain web applications. A web developer can be separated into main sections: first, code that executes in an internet browser and figures out clients or customers will see when they land on a site (onshore development); code that executes on a web worker and forces the in the background mechanics of how a site functions (offshore development); and information base innovation, which assists with keeping a site running easily and proficiently. Huge scope web projects regularly split these undertakings between different web engineers. In the wake of 2021 with a pandemic, freelancing as a web developer is offers remote work and helps with the expenses.

If you’re a web developer already, you have most likely been working for the same company for years or have been changing your job after a particular period. Your once upon a fascinating career has now become mundane. If you are tech-savvy, you will be always finding ways for building your skills which allows you to work on your terms. A very common way of earning for web developers is freelancing.

Steps to Start Freelancing

Let us start the guide on how to start freelancing as a web developer in 2021.

  1. First, you need to find an internet development course to upgrade your skills. Then, end up a distinct segment and focus your skills. While it’s great to be a programmer which will do a touch of everything, your value is going to be higher as an expert WordPress developer plugin in only a couple of. It’ll be much easier to advertise your skills and make a reputation for yourself if you’ll say you’re the simplest during a particular, sought-after area, or the sole one who can roll in the hay. It’s important to focus your skills, and stay top of current trends.
  2. Next, build your portfolio through a website and spread it via your contacts and websites. The portfolio is your door at which the client knocks, so make sure that it and its contents, represent your absolute best work updated.
  3. Keep a blog that explains your process, ask and answer questions on social media, and build, build, build a day.
  4. Another important step is to communicate online as well as offline. Communication is necessary. Without it approaching clients will be difficult.

If you have never done any freelancing as a web developer before, this can be aiming to be a vital lesson. Start by reaching bent on your network and allow them to understand you’ve started doing freelance work. You can try this through an email or standing updates on social media. If you can’t persuade folks that understand you and want your services, then you may evaluate your approach before attempting to urge employed by strangers.

Advantages and Disadvantages

This particular field has benefits as well as disadvantages. The benefits being you can be your manager and boss. You need to be very well organized with your work. Work can be tiresome. But finishing within the deadline is important. Being a web developer, the market is already saturated but you need to hustle and work for it. Clients are important but ethics are to be maintained. You should also discuss your monetary quotations beforehand with clients before taking up projects. The more the projects are done, the more the clients are in your portfolio. The portfolio should be well organized easy to read and understand. You need to bring the client to become an expert WordPress developer plugin. As your workload shall increase you shall advance to be the expert in your field.

Freelancing is difficult but with time it eases out. All you need is an organized portfolio, time management, and contacts. Overall, any career path chosen has its challenges and problems, being a web developer has its advantage. Freelancing also brings you the freedom to work in any environment. Maybe now you got an idea of how to start freelancing as a web developer in 2021.

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Work With the Best WordPress Development Company In Jaipur

The sale and popularity of a company solely depend on the quality of its content and its publicity. A company uses content written about its products and services as its main medium used to connect with its audience. If the content is good and liked by the people, the company gets a place in the market and thus have a direct impact on its sales. Just like the content, publicity and advertising of the product are also important for the promotion of the company. It is necessary to create a positive picture of the company and its products in front of the public so that they trust and rely on its products and services. These things have a major role to play in the growth of your company. You can also work with the best WordPress development company in Jaipur to make the growth faster.

Why do so? What is WordPress? What are its advantages? These questions must be appearing before you. To answer all these, let us first know what WordPress is. WordPress is nothing but an open-source and free CMS or content management system that is used to create amazing websites and publishing blogs. It is used worldwide and thus has a huge user base and audience. Hence, posting a blog about your company on this platform means to advertise your company and give a piece of descriptive information about your products and services in front of the whole world and billions of people. Writing an SEO optimized article is not a child’s play and is best done by professionals. Thus, working with the best WordPress development company in Jaipur is very important and fruitful.

Now, let us have a look at its perks.

User Friendly

One of the basic and best qualities of WordPress is that it is very easy to operate and highly user friendly in nature. Installing and updating this software can be done with any person with basic computer knowledge with ease. This easy-to-operate feature helps its users and other WordPress Developer Company to work fluently and easily thus, increasing its fan base. This means that the content posted by the company on this website will have a huge audience directing traffic to your website page which will help you to gather advertisements and leads on your page. But, to make your content visible and readable among all the hundreds and thousands of articles and blogs, you need to make your content simple but crisp and attractive. For that, you may look up to work with the best WordPress development company in Jaipur, Lytechx Digital Pvt. Ltd.

SEO Writing

Seo stands for search engine optimization. Your writing needs to fully search engine optimized to increase the position of your website. To make it more clear, let us view the real work of Seo and its real meaning. Seo writing is just like a normal article but with a definite format and with certain keywords. These keywords work like direct links to your company’s page. For this, you can look for the best WordPress developer company. The perfect use of these keywords and format helps a company to appear at the top of any search engine page with every search. This attracts more and more people to your company’s page and thus you reach heights. This also helps to attract companies for tie-ups and advertisement purposes which brings more and more people. Finally, you have an increased audience and customers just by writing some good SEO articles. But, writing proper and correct Seo articles is not at all easy. You need experts and professionals to do so.


One more reason for choosing WordPress is that it has the facility of multilingual. Multilingual is nothing but the availability of several languages. All content including blogs and other articles can be accessed, read, and written in different languages. Still now in the 21 st century, trade and commerce are limited throughout the world because of the language barrier. In WordPress, there are no such barriers. People can read and write in any language they feel like. Thus, the content written by your company can be read and understood by anyone from any portion of the world. This increases your scope of trade and expands your company. But, to make your website look the best for people to be attracted, you need to upgrade your website by the website design company.

Promote Company

It is very important for a company to stay in the public eye to gain profits and customers and for that the company needs to maintain a positive picture in front of its user and audience. But, that positive image is hampered by the negative comments and reviews in your blog and article section. This has a negative effect on your company and its image. WordPress understands this issue and thus has a feature called ‘WordPress delete all comments. This feature, as its name suggests allows the customer to customize his comment section. WordPress delete all comments help you to delete all in bunches. You can delete negative comments and reviews to maintain the positive image of your company. You can also try to improve the face by creating the best suitable website with the best website design company.

Why choose Lytechx Digital Pvt. Ltd?

Lytechx Digital Pvt. Ltd. is the first name that comes to your mind when thinking of a WordPress developer company. Lytechx Digital Pvt. Ltd, the best website design company, and it’s a well-planned team of expert writers and developers that can easily turn your website into a modern, attractive, and classy website. Its experienced writers can help in getting your website simple but crisp content, articles, blogs, and even nicely written SEO writeups so that your website ranks better in search engines. If you ever want to work with the best WordPress development company in Jaipur, you can always look up to Lytechx Digital Pvt. Ltd. for the best quality work at the lowest costs. It covers all your work area starting from website development, web page design, Seo articles, social media advertising and publicity, branding, and even look after you WordPress delete all comments section.

It is your company and you must think twice before taking any step in your business. It would definitely be wise to go for working with the best digital marketing company in Jaipur Lytechx Digital Pvt. Ltd.



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Do You Have A Mobile-Friendly Website?

Are you tired of thinking of ways of improving your business? Have you tried all possible ways of doing so? Well, there are more ways than you can ever imagine of developing your business. People discover new methods and strategies of improving their websites and mediums to reach out to their public or audience. Finding and climbing these baby steps can help a lot in the growth of your company. Let me tell you one such small but very effective way. One just way is to create a mobile-friendly website for your company. But, do you have a mobile-friendly website? No? Let us view the benefits of having one. First, we must go through the real meaning of a mobile-friendly website and how it is different from a responsive website.

A responsive web design or RWD is a web design approach that makes changes in the appearance of the website, resizes its content and orientation according to the device used to view it. There are some drawbacks to this kind of website. Some of them being bad user experience, long time to load, difficulty to browse or navigate in the website, longer time to download, etc. Whereas, a mobile-friendly website is a kind of website design that is built to give the best user experience in small screen android or iPhones as well as big-screen computers and laptops. But, do you have a mobile-friendly website? A mobile-friendly web design shrinks your website when operated through a smartphone. Thus, in the battle of responsive vs mobile-friendly website, you know what to choose and what not to.

Better User Experience

Unlike a responsive website, a mobile-friendly website design is very easy to use. Its user-friendly nature makes it famous and usable for all, even for those who only know how to operate a computer. It has a huge user base. This is because almost all of the people have and use a mobile phone as it is very handy and easy to carry and they prefer to search the name of the company on their mobile phones rather than a computer and laptop. Thus, in the battle between responsive vs mobile-friendly websites, a mobile web design is the obvious winner. As it is user friendly and is appears conveniently on mobile phones, it gathers more public and audience. Thus, if your company has a mobile-friendly website, it will gather more audience and increase your sales.

Faster Service and Improved SEO

A mobile-friendly website enables people to view and download resources and information from your company website faster and with ease. Thus, happy customers become a valuable asset for your company. But, for that, you need to have an attractive mobile-friendly website design. It also helps a company to improve its Google search engine rank because of its feature of improved SEO. We all know that Google is the most used search engine and most of the companies are in Google. According to Google, the companies that have an attractive mobile-friendly website gets a higher rank. Thus, if you have a mobile-friendly website, your company gets an improved ranked position than the others in the market. So, do you have a mobile-friendly website? If not, get it soon.

Drives More Traffic To Your Website

In a responsive vs mobile-friendly website, it is easy to say which one drives more traffic to your website. Everyone carries a smartphone and prefers to use it for searching any website or company. Thus, a mobile-friendly website makes the user experience better. And with an improved search engine rank by SEO, your website gets more audience and visitors. Thus, your company has an increased amount of traffic. Using a mobile-friendly web design also increases the average time of site viewing for a website. Thus, more traffic and better search engine position mean more sales and more advertisement offers. This feature also helps you to get to advertise your product and services. Moreover, with an increased audience, your company gets a good position in the market and thus develops and grows to new heights.

Edge over the Others

According to the universal truth of business, the company or the person who is most popular and stands on the top of the market captures the market. Thus, performing better than your competitors in the market is necessary to rule the market. This is why various companies starting from an MNC to a mere startup, spend lakhs and lakhs of money to advertise their product and services. A mobile-friendly web design is another way to advertise your company. This promotes social media advertisement and publicity. Thus, in this way more and more people get to know about your company and your company reaches new heights. In this way, you can get an edge over the other competitors in the market just by having a mobile-friendly website. So, do you have a mobile-friendly website? If no, then get it done now!

Lytechx Digital Pvt. Ltd.

In all the above texts you read about the advantages of having a mobile-friendly website. But where to go to make one? People end up spending their hard-earned money on incompetent and fraudulent websites and companies. Let me help you to find the best company for your requirements. Lytechx Digital Pvt. Ltd, the best ecommerce development service in Jaipur, is just the place you may be searching for. With more than 8 years of experience and a well-planned team of skilled developers and graphic designers Lytechx Digital Pvt. Ltd. can easily create a mobile-friendly website for you. With a fully developed and updated mobile friendly web design, you can increase your audience and hence, make a name and position in the market.

It takes more than just hard work to grow a company. Learning and adopting new things and ideas is necessary for you to convert your company name into a brand. Make a smart move now and let Lytechx Digital Pvt. Ltd. take care of your website design and development. Now, do you have a mobile-friendly website? With Lytechx Digital Pvt. Ltd, YES you do have a mobile-friendly website.

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