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This is right to think a software development partner can change everything and our Lytechx private LTD Software House is not only a home for our employees but also for developers from the whole region. A great way of sharing knowledge – and recruiting new, great talents. We help tech companies to scale up by providing them with agile software development teams.

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About Us

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We build brands, relations and trust

Aiming to remove the winter blues & spring fever with our creative & mind refreshing websites, we have incepted Lytechx Digital PVT LTD in summer days. It was like a dream within a dream which became the reality. The succeeding jobs filled the air with excitement & showed us a path to the peak. Our winning spirits craved for more and more victory. Therefore, we fulfilled a strong urge with our imaginative & brilliant brains. We played with the technology and proved the world that we are an outlier in the rat race. We are not annoyed with capricious people, try us! Every human born with “unique” personality, we must serve each and every person as an “individual. Therefore, we take care of your onliest dreamy needs.

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Works Done


Works Done

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Led by speed, innovation, and quality, lytechx is a well-established company offering full-fledged web, tablet and mobile application development services. Our calibre lies in the dedication that we infuse in whatever we do to deliver value to your business. We take care of your business needs by bringing the right solutions without crossing the fine line of budgetary constraints you’ve set. Backed by a team of brainy professionals, Mobikasa designs, develops and deploys solutions as per your requirements. Our technical prowess in the industry has set us apart from others.
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Over 100+ in different service lines

Different client focus: startups, small to midmarket business, and enterprises

Different platforms: Apps for iOS, Android, Windows & Wearables
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Digital Services


We bloom your business market like a flower with proven tricks.


All growth depends upon development. We do custom programming beyond the complexity.


Make your digital products imbued with creativity. UI/UX Designs give amazing User experience and inspiration if catered properly.


Branding is the recipe for victory. Our smart brains are capable of grabbing it very smoothly.


We use smart boats to flow in the ocean of SEO.

We are the fastest & creative software outsourcing market expert

We finally found top and talent employees that provide end to end delivery of technology solutions .
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